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Video Game Computer

Custom Gaming PCs

Customize a powerful rig built to your needs and budget. Skip the hours of guess work or research into every single component and chip. Tell us your budget, and we'll build a custom gaming PC to match it.

Quality Components

We hand pick our components based on 3 main metrics: Quality, Reliability, and Performance. We guarantee no off-brand components EVER. We build to the highest standard, while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Computer Processor
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Competitive Costs

We have no brick-and-mortar retail locations. This keeps overhead low, and we pass those savings down to you. We're so confident you'll love our prices, we will happily price match any local business who can offer you a better price... but good luck finding one!

Professional Build Quality

We guarantee your satisfaction with our custom computers. Each of our builds are tested, and fully align with our commitment to Quality, Reliability and Performance. You can expect full cable management, error free boot and setup, lasting components, and great performance.

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