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About Us

The Friendly I.T. Guy was started in 2021 by Nate Munic in Springfield, Massachusetts. A prodigious starter, Nate began tinkering with computers before the age of 5, even giving himself admin permissions on the family computer, and circumventing security and parental controls. He has been helping people with their computer and technology issues as a side gig since 2016, and he decided to turn his passion for helping others and his enjoyment of technology into his life's work.

Through strategic partnerships with experts in Cybersecurity, Corporate I.T., Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity Law, Business Law, Insurance, and more, Nate is able to offer a wide variety of services with a team of experts at the ready. Some of his business clients include retail stores, law firms, non-profits, AirBnBs, and B2B service providers.

The Friendly I.T. Guy specializes in on-site tech and I.T. support for residential and small business needs, helping the residents of Springfield, Northampton, Windsor, Hartford, and beyond! From answering quick questions, to spending hours on a big project, no task or job is beyond the scope of the services we offer.​ If you have a question or need help, text or call the Friendly I.T. Guy!

Nate Munic - The Friendly I.T. Guy

Nate Munic
Owner/Founder, The Friendly I.T. Guy LLC

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