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Fast Answers

You can call or text us anytime for quick answers to simple questions. For more complex issues, we offer a variety of support options, including scheduled calls, remote control support, and in-person visits.

Experienced Help

Tap into a seemingly endless font of knowledge when you reach out for support. Many times we get asked "I'm not sure if you can help me, but.."

We specialize in, well, a bit of everything. If you've got an issue with your tech, from computers, to audio, tv, even security cameras, we do it all!

We will patiently work with you to fix your issue, and get you back up and running in no time.

Computer Repair
Senior Computer Class

Our Culture of Inclusion

We believe in the importance of understanding your technology. We don't like gatekeeping knowledge, and excited to share with you ways you can fix or resolve your issue in the future. Our philosophy is that the world is better as a whole when people understand their technology better.

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